Indian Entrepreneur: US Vice President Kamala Harris met Indian Entrepreneur, talked about cyber security

Indian Entrepreneur Trishneet Arora is a young entrepreneur from India. His name is also in Forbes’ 30 under-30 list. He met with US Vice President Kamala Harris, where he talked about cyber security.

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Indian Entrepreneur Meet Kamala Harris: Indian tech entrepreneur Trishneet Arora met US Vice President Kamala Harris during a special gathering of young business and world leaders, where she offered suggestions to tackle the threat of cyber security. TSC CEO Trishneet Arora was invited by Kamala Harris to her Albuquerque, New Mexico house. Arora said, “I am very honored to meet the Vice President of America. Indian Entrepreneur

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She is empowering women around the world and continues to be a strong inspiration for them,” she said. Kamala Harris is the first American and the first South Asian American to be elected US deputy representative. Arora Said, I shared with her (Kamala Harris) my vision to deal with cyber security threats, which have become a serious global challenge.



Cyber ​​security remains a concern


Talking about the cyber challenges, 29-year-old Indian Entrepreneur Trishneet Arora said, “As the world is going through a major transformation of digitization, the global cyber security concerns are becoming more serious as cyber security are present in our Center. Therefore, given the strong Indo-US ties on cyber terrorism, I have asked the US VP Cyber

Working on privacy and cyber-scoring calls for strengthening strategic mechanism with key policy”.

America’s Priorities Land




“America is a land of possibilities for a scammer like me and TAC is dedicated to investing and growing in the security state,” the Indian tech entrepreneur said in a statement. Trishneet Arora also said in a statement that the event during the Harris Was. Also attended a private individual session. In 2013 Arora took back his studies,

Started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19. He founded TAC, which is now a global security firm in cyber management and is also named in Forbes’ 30 Under-30 list

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